Before Dawn: Ivan Lenyo

His creativity is a weapon, however, when the occupier came to our land, he picked up a machine gun and stood up for the defense of the state.

The frontman of the band “Kozak System” Ivan Lenyo told in our project his story of the war with Russia, volunteering, what victory will mean for him and when the dawn will come for Ukraine.

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Ivan Lenyo is a musician, frontman of the band “Kozak System”
50 years old, originally from Ternopil region. Graduated from music school, accordionist.

In 2012, together with the team, they founded Kozak System. The creativity of the musician and the Cossacks was never outside of politics. Their songs have ethnic motifs and are always patriotic.
For example, during the Revolution of Dignity, in order to raise the spirit of Ukrainians, the song “Brother for Brother” was created to the words of Sashko Polozhynskyi. Which was later performed with the Polish band Enej, which has Ukrainian roots.

Another iconic track is “Our Manifesto”. “I don’t want to know what a matryoshka doll, an Orenbusky scarf, and a herring for vodka are.” Even then, the musician loudly sang that Russia was evil.
But a work dedicated to the defenders of Mariupol was recently published.
It is an interesting fact that Ivan’s grandfather was in the UPA and a brother of Stepan Bandera.
Since 2014, he has been volunteering and conducting charity concerts for the Ukrainian military
With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Ivan Lenyo immediately volunteered to defend Ukraine and joined the ranks of the Kyiv patrol police.

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Interviewer: Maria Domanska

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