About the Organization

The non-governmental organization “Volyn Foundation” in Lutsk (Ukraine) was founded in 2017 for the purpose of preservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritage, local tourism, environmental protection and natural reserve fund, education and cultural cooperation.

During our existence, we have implemented a number of cross-sectoral cultural projects, including: tourist routes that combine historical and cultural locations and places of the natural reserve fund; tourist competitions; artistic and literary presentations; we host our own podcast about culture, creative industries and preservation of historical and architectural heritage.

Our mission is to preserve and popularize the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Volyn, promote its organic entry into the European cultural space, introduce innovations and stimulate cross-sectoral, international cooperation in the field of culture, ecology and tourism.

Our Team

Анна Данильчук - голова ГО

Anna Danylchuk

Head of the NGO
Павло Данильчук - керівник проєктів ГО

Pavlo Danylchuk

NGO Project Manager
Юлія Грищук - менеджер з комунікацій

Julia Hryshchuk

Communications Manager

Maryana Syrotyuk


Taras Syrotyuk

Tourism Specialist, Head of the ANTAR Tourist Club
Бондарук Олег - менеджер з логістики

Oleg Bondaruk

Manager of Logistics
Войтович Василь – фахівець з військово-історичної реконструкції

Voytovych Vasyl

Specialist in Military-Historical Reconstruction
Яцечко-Блаженко Тетяна – історичний редактор

Yatsechko-Blazhenko Tatiana

Historical Editor
Марта Сидорук - менеджер міжнародних проєктів ГО Волинська Фундація

Marta Sydoruk

Manager of the Internationl Projects