Before Dawn: Daryna Nagorniuk

“We will win together. But when we get it, I want to feel that it is my victory,” says Daryna Nagornyuk, a volunteer of the Women’s Self-Defense Hundred of Volyn.

Daryna and her family are a worthy example, her husband and son volunteered for the army, and she has been helping the Ukrainian army for 8 years since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

We invite you to watch our first video story about the eternal struggle with Russia, the loss of her son and the path to victory of Daryna Nagorniuk, a person who by her actions and example brings the victory of Ukraine closer.


The project “Small steps to a big victory” of the Volyn Foundation is implemented within the framework of the Publicity for Democratization project with the assistance of the European Union, which is implemented by the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultations.

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Thank you for the location of the Cultural and Art Center “Krasne”.
Special thanks to Channel 12
Filming and editing: Oleksandr Sloboda
Interviewer: Maria Domanska

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